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find connection

to nature.

to community.

to self.





About us

We are a community of humans who wake up early to seize the day, or at least, our Saturdays!

By spending time in nature, connecting with our community, and then moving together in a beginner-friendly yoga class,

we are embracing the present moment.

frequently asked questions

How does this work? 

If you intend on meeting for the hike, route your car to "Don Lorenzo and La Brea." The meeting point is the East Trailhead of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, which is at Don Lorenzo and La Brea. Arrive by 8 am. Sign the liability form and the roster. Before starting off on the hike, we will form a circle and introduce ourselves to the group. Be prepared to say your name, where you reside, and your take on the theme of the week (Please note that themes are announced in the weekly newsletter sent every Wednesday at 7 pm).

As we start on the hike, this is a great opportunity to converse with new friends! If you decide to post on social media, please tag us! @HiketoYogaLA so we can feature you on our social media accounts! A few minutes before 9 am, the hike will end at the Bluff, where there are restrooms and water fountains. Your Host Teacher will make more announcements, new participants joining the yoga will sign the liability form and roster before beginning the yoga class. Afterwards, we take a photo for social media, join in with your favorite yoga pose of the day!

When I enter "Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area" in my GPS, why does it give me an address on La Cienega?

The La Cienega entrance is the official entrance to the park. There is a $6 cash-only parking fee on the weekends. Instead of entering the name of the park, route your car to "Don Lorenzo and La Brea." There is street parking and other park lots nearby. You will need to cross the street and take the steps up to the East Trailhead map sign.

What if I only want to do the yoga class, what is the easiest way to get to yoga at 9 am?

You can pay $6 cash for parking, enter at the La Cienega entrance, and park right by the Bluff. Walk about 2 minutes down the Bluff to the 9/11 Memorial Tree.

Who will be teaching the yoga classes? Will the classes be beginner-friendly?

We have an awesome team of Hike to Yoga LA Host Teachers, including Hike to Yoga LA Founder, Laurie, who enjoys teaching her signature Yoga Wave Circle! Our teacher team is diverse in age and body-type, and are ready to inspire you with community, nature and of course, yoga! Yoga class is 60 minutes long, starts promptly at 9 am. Please be on time as it is distracting to join when class has already started.

What kind of trail will the group hike?

The nature yoga crew will take a moderate, nature-ful trail with amazing views! The trail has some inclines and declines; be prepared to hike for approximately 30-40 minutes. The trail will take us to up to the Bluff where there are restrooms and water fountains. OPTION: There is also the Park to Playa trail which takes about 15-20 minutes to walk to the Bluff. From Don Lorenzo and La Brea you will need to go up the incline and the rest of the trail is flat.
What should I bring?
Your yoga mat, yoga towel, beach towel, or just do yoga on the earth! (Might be wet from morning dew!) It is advisable that you have a mat strap or backpack since you are responsible for your own mat! Don't forget your own reusable water bottle to stay hydrated; there is a water fountain by the Bluff area.

What happens after the Hike to Yoga event? How do I get back to the meeting point?

Your Host Teacher will be taking the Park to Playa trail back to the Don Lorenzo and La Brea meeting point. This trail is flat and should take about 15-20 minutes. Please note that you can also take this shorter hike if you do not want to do the moderate hike with the group at 8 am.


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