About h2y

our mission

To increase community wellness through nature and yoga

Humans thrive in communities where they have a sense of belonging, when they feel connected to their purpose of being, and when they live how Mother Nature intended.

Laurie Hang Hutter

Founder, Hike to Yoga LA


We are a community of humans who wake up early to seize the day, or at least, our Saturdays!


By finding connection with our community, connection with nature, and connection through the breath with movement, we embrace the present moment.

join us if you want to:

✔️ Wake up early 

✔️ Change your habits

✔️ Move more

warning! H2Y may cause happiness

  • By reclaiming your Friday nights for self-care, you will find it easier to wake up Saturday morning, refreshed and ready to start your weekend!

  • By attending the H2Y events regularly, you will start to build habits and relationships that will encourage your progress!

  • By practicing better time management to rejuvenate from your week, to connect with humans and with nature, you are filling your glass, allowing yourself to give more to those around you.

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